Creator Suite

New Tool which uses the ReplayAPI Can be found here: CreatorSuite ReplayAPI Edition

Use the original Creator Suite below for anything BEFORE Patch 9.7


The PBE is never supported, if it works for PBE great if it doesn't then it doesn't

.NET Framework 4.7.2

Only required for Client Hook:
Visual Studio 2013 Redistribution Pack (x86)
DirectX9 End User Runtimes
Path lengths for the Client Hook have to be short due to Win32 Path Limits which is 260 characters. If something doesn't work and its in a long path then its potentially due to that

Just like the previous camera tool is all on you to get it playing nicely with your anti-virus, I'm trying my best to get all the major ones to work fine but its extremely difficult considering the nature of the tool.

FPS Camera Note: You move it via numpad 4/5/6/8. There is a guide to rebind it here:
Rebinding FPS Camera Hotkeys

Known Issues:
Camera Hook ZDepth doesn't work properly when used WITH Reshade. Currently looking into it and see if it is possible for them to work together, no ETA on a final say.

Camera Hook DLL may not inject correctly if its not located somewhere on the C: Drive.

If only 3 tabs appear then you need to Unblock the plugins, they are optional instead of mandatory so "Run Anyway" doesn't give the tool permission to load them you have to manually "Unblock" them (via the right click properties menu mentioned further up). Running the updater can sometimes bypass it though isn't guaranteed to work.

TWITCH APP/Curse Voice running in the background can stop the Injected DLL from working

Client Hook Paths have to be shorter than 260 characters due to a Win32 Limit also if the file path has any characters such as letters with accents, Korean, Chinese etc then the DLL might not get injected correctly.
Client Hook DLL also must be located on the C:/ Drive in a location Such as My Documents, Desktop, Top Level C:/ etc, if its located in Program Files then it may not inject properly. Regardless of it saying "Successfully Injected".

Subreddit (Mainly Community Ran):
Creator Suite Subreddit

Garena Manually Playing Replays

This software is a ground up recode owned by Skin Spotlights LTD and reuses no major assets from the previous code base which was owned by an individual, all past license agreements made with said individual are not valid with this software.

This software can work with any game, its the plugins and configs which make it game specific.

Companies with a Long or Recurring License to use this software:
Riot Games

Click Here

Additional Skyboxes Provided by Riot Games, split into 2 parts (Last Updated 2nd Feb 2018):
Part 1 Part 2