Manifest Comparer

This tool can be used to check 2 Patch Manifests (The files which contain all the data about updates files) and produce 3 lists of Added Files, Modified Files and Deleted Files.

The tool has an Autodownload list which when enabled will automatically download all files which contain a word/phrase if they exist within a patch, this allows people to download splashes instantly without having to find them in the lists.

The tool also can convert DDS files (Direct Draw Surface, standard Texture file format) on download so the user doesn't need to have specialized software to view them.

The Comparison Algorithm was designed purely for this software, between new patches it takes normally half a second or even faster to compare the two 3mb files. The more differences there are the longer it takes however worse case Scenario (Game patched to and wants to be patched to the comparison algorithm takes 37.85 Seconds HOWEVER that lists, 62910 New files, 6006 Modified files and 9695 Deleted Files.

The Comparison Algorithm is designed to loop through both manifest files at the same time and only once.