Remote Chat Maestro

Remote Chat Maestro is a C++ DLL which can be used in your projects to send messages to the League of Legends Game Client.

Messages to the Client are one way, the DLL can't read any messages coming back or send any messages to the Air Client.

Example Screenshot:

Simply call the SendMessage(String name, String msg) function to send a custom message with a custom name to the League of Legends Game Client.

Using it in a C# .NET Application

     [DllImport("RemoteChatMaestro.dll", EntryPoint = "?SendMessage@@YA_NPAD0@Z", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)]  
     public static extern bool SendMessage(String name, String message);  
       //Function Call Example:
       SendMessage("NAME", "MESSAGE");  

Creative Commons NonCommercial NoDerivs 3.0
If you want to use this for any commercial reasons you must contact me and we can sort something out. (Contacting me via Twitter or YouTube is the best method)
(Note: The "Commercial" term does apply to Donations, even if you release an application for free which uses it if the user who is using it uses it in any commercial sense then its not allowed and is in breach of the license)
tl;dr Using it to relay donations/subscriptions or accept donations (or any payment) for the application or have ads within the application is in breach of the license, relaying chat/followers from twitch is fine.

Small Application which relays YOUR Twitch chat into the game client:
Note: No Support is provided for this program, sometimes it can take a while to connect to a channel (upwards of 2 mintues) and sometimes it won't properly connect, this is more a proof of concept application.