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15th Jun 2017 - Last Version (ROFL Playback Support)
Due to Riots Official Replay software this tool isn't fully supported anymore and updates will be random

Replays are listed in date order
Replays will autoname themselves after the match is over (Experimental)

There is no where for you to contact if you need help or support, you're on your own and are expected to use the information on the website.

BugSplats Or Blackscreen: Scroll down to "Old Replay Support". Important note, if it doesn't work then you will need a full install of the old client

IMPORTANT: If you're running the latest camera tool and its unregistered then there will be a watermark of a question mark over your game, this is not a bug with your client or replay software, either stop running the camera and restart the replay OR register the camera software

Changelog: - .ROFL Playback Support - More LCU SUpport - More LCU Support - More LCU Support - More LCU Support - Adjusted LCU Support - Didn't keep track of what was tweaked, so no idea - Added Experimental LCU Support, may only work for custom games - Can't remember what I did but apparently it works for 6.21 and PBE 6.22 - Fixed for 6.20 - Fix for Garena (Note: In options toggle off UseRADS if you're in a Garena Region) - Fixed a bug in 22 where it wouldn't record the game - Fixed for Patch 6.15, reverted experimental code - Fixed bug which meant it wouldn't record on 6.13 - Fixed For Patch 6.6 - Fixed Match History for KR - A lot of tweaks, note: downloading replays from third party sites may take a long time and might not 100% be supported. - Added error message and changed a line of code - Tweaked playback to use a different parameter to launch the game, special thanks to LSI and for that tweak - Fixed for Patch 5.16, only update if your server is on patch 5.16 - Fixed an issue where Riots surprise patch had multiple pattern matching and the memory was read in the wrong area - Fixed some issues around the search bar - Added a Search Bar because Pigeon has been asking for over 6 months... - Updated VN Garena Spectator IP - Fixed a bug where the replay time can go crazy to a time 70000+ - Added Experimental TH Garena Support - Replays will attempt to start at 0:10, A lot of bug fixes, Bugsplat Suppression, Instant replay fill - Added Experimental ID Garena Support - Added Experimental VN Garena Support - Added Experimental PH Garena Support - Added "Garena Replay" Setting for Playing Back Garena Replays (Only playback, doesn't matter for recording) since the server loads chunks every 5s where Riots are every 30s - Fixed a playback issue with (Removed Download) - Experimental Garena (SG) Support, Game Path Setting change - Can now set the absolute path to the League of Legends exe - No longer automatically changes tab to Advance view for those who wish to only use simplistic
Fixed an issue where settings previous settings weren't working when new versions comes out (Only applies to this and new versions, can't use settings from and before) - Adjusted the information pattern to better support PBE and Live (PBE Support may break any time its updated)

Garena Users & Users playing old replays:
When setting the game path, click on the drop down and choose "Any EXE". For Garena users set it to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaLoL\GameData\Apps\LoL\Game\League of Legends.exe
Garena VN Executable can be found: \LienMinhHuyenThoai\GameData\Apps\lolVN\Game

Users who are trying to play older replays and downloaded the older exe you manually select it for playback instead of autofiniding it based on lol.launcher.exe

Features which were in previous version but have yet to be implemented:

Run on Startup - Wouldn't work if it needed Administrator Rights or when it had certain Windows Settings. (start minimized will get readded with this feature)
Double Click Rename

Known Issues:
PBE is not 100% supported due to the rapid iterations it goes through. Pattern does get updated in order to try stop as much breaking
Bot Games and Some custom games not recording - Spectator Data doesn't exist for them so they can't be recorded.

Old Replay Support - Varies whether it works, currently has to be done manually eventually it will be automated, stop asking
To Manually "fix" to play older replays see (APPLIES TO ALL PATCHES): Note: It won't always work, replays before patch 5.4 had some major map file format changes which cause it to bugsplat.

Blackscreen then "failed to download replay" - The Executable used in the Game Path is not the same as the executable used to record the replay, replays are locked to the game version. Use the same executable as what was used to record it.

Issues which I can't do anything about:
Anti-Virus Software - Some Anti-virus software think its a virus, some don't know what to think and run it purely in a "Sandbox" which means all files are saved "virtually" and when it ends are deleted. You are responsible for making sure your Anti-Virus plays nicely with the software, software gets updated too much and there are way too many anti-viruses I have to submit to and get approved etc the process takes way too long and most of the time by the time its approved there is a new version.